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    8 1/2 x 5 1/2

Our products are made in the USA
Vinyl Binder Materials
Vinyl High quality BIA Class 110 material.
    Minus 10 degree cold crack protection
    Heavier gauge material
Board High density solid chipboard.
    100 PT. on capacities of 1/2" through 1 1/2"
    120 PT. on capacities of 2" through 3"
Metals Metals are 3 ring nickel plated with opening and closing boosters. Wide base results in stronger closing tension.
Ring Capacity


(Ring Diameter)

13 #

16 #

20 #

24 #

1/2 inch

175 Sheets

150 Sheets

130 Sheets

100 Sheets

3/4 inch

200 Sheets

175 Sheets

150 Sheets

120 Sheets

1 inch

275 Sheets

225 Sheets

200 Sheets

160 Sheets

1 1/2 inch

425 Sheets

360 Sheets

300 Sheets

250 Sheets

2 inch

550 Sheets

470 Sheets

400 Sheets

325 Sheets

2 1/2 inch

675 Sheets

580 Sheets

500 Sheets

400 Sheets

3 inch

810 Sheets

695 Sheets

600 Sheets

480 Sheets

 Round Rings are the most common and economical. They provide the most choices in capacities.
Straight D Rings are useful in the larger capacities becuase they hold the sheets straight. This metal is always mounted on the back cover.
Angle D Rings are also useful in the larger capacities. The Angle D holds the material at an angle so that index tab dividers remain more visible.


The guidelines for art services supporting products purchased from Mueller Art Cover are as follows:

1.) 1 hour of free art department services to process artwork is standard.
2.) All submitted artwork and ideas will be reviewed and estimated before processing begins
3.) In the event your needs will exceed the allotted time, we will contact you with the additional requirements.
4.) Additional services are billed at an hourly rate of $60/per hour in º hour increments.

>Preferred Format
To expedite your order, please submit your artwork file as an Adobe Illustrator (or Illustrator compatible EPS) file. Please make certain that type has been converted to outlines and any linked images are also included with your file.

>Acceptable Formats
We can also accept files created with the following software: Adobe Illustrator 9.0, Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Adobe Pagemaker 6.5, Adobe Acrobat, MS Word 2000, Paint Shop Pro. We also can accept any common bitmapped file format, including *.tif, *.jpg, *.gif, *.png and many others.

>What we can not accept
We can not process Quark files in house. We can not accept any Macintosh font files. Our computer systems are PC based. We do have an outside design firm that can do file conversion for Quark files and files with Mac fonts. This can add delays to your project.

>Using Colors & Separations
For standard silk-screen or foil stamping work, use pantone spot colors not CMYK. Remember that with silk-screening and the nature of our substrates, knockouts and trapping procedures are different that it is for offset printing. More colors will overprint and traps are heavier. Because color registrations are much more difficult to keep consistent, more tolerance needs to be added. If artwork contains color tints color percentages need to be between (15% - 80%).

>Type Fonts, please include screen and printer font files. *Note: converting fonts to outlines / paths / curves will eliminate the need for font files and will expedite your order. *Macintosh fonts ñ Must convert to outlines / paths / curves. Please include a laser print of your document.

>Acceptable Media
3.5 high-density disk, or iomega compatible zip 250 drive, or CD in ISO 9660 format. For emailed artwork, files can not exceed 5 megabytes. Our Email address is:

>Camera ready art / Furnished Films
A. Art on paper ñ 600 dpi or better / camera stats / finished board layouts.
B. For silk screening: film positives (r / r / e / u); for hot foil stamping: film negatives (r / r / e / u), 1200 dpi or better.
C. For grayscale images and halftone screens please check with our art department prior to making films. Art needs to be reviewed so that lpi and line angle can be determined.

>If you have art that does not meet the above requirements. We will require extra days lead time to prepare your artwork for production and some extra art charges may apply depending on the amount of modifications needed.

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